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Mac and Jac's, Malvern By the Coffee Snob Blog

If you're lucky enough to escape to the Malvern Hills, then it is essential you have a place of refreshment in mind that will revive and revitalise you after the long hours of walking. And isn't it just as well Malvern has the perfect place: Mac and Jac's.

Situated perfectly at the bottom of the Malvern hills, Mac and Jac's provides solace and edible treats for locals and hikers alike.

Customer's taking a break outside Mac & Jac's café, Malvern

At first glance it seems to do everything – which confused me. 'Oh this is a coffee place that does food'. Oh no, 'this is a brunch and coffee place that offers dinner too'.

I kept trying to compartmentalise it in my mind, but soon I realised that their varied offerings are by no means a happy accident – all food and drink have been carefully curated in order to cater to their varied clientele for their specific needs.

Walkers fuel up here before the big ascent; cyclists stop off for a quick outdoor espresso; social gatherings are held on their big rustic tables; and dressed up gangs of women come here as the sun sets to dine before heading out to the theatre.

It manages to negotiate that well-worn hole between coffee shop and restaurant, which is a lifeline when you're out with friends when some want 'proper food' and others want a 'coffee and a quick bite

Come here for brunch, lunch, pre-theatre dinner, coffee, tea and cake, freshly baked treats. All has been catered for to an exceptional standard (with no weak link) whilst still maintaining a humble identity that is quite simply: Mac and Jac's.

The coffee

A flat white with a view

The coffee is absolutely delicious. Perfect for my preferences (well balanced, smooth, easy-drinking). I'm not one to have two coffees a day, but this place made me break all the rules. They source beans from small family company, James Gourmet Coffee in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. They also offer a guest espresso which they charge at an extra 20p.

The food

I haven't come across a coffee shop that does food so well.

It's restaurant standard in its quality; restaurant standard in its variety.

Breakfast options range from toasted waffles, to warm ricotta pancakes, from stuffed brioche buns and all kinds of eggs on toast; for lunch and dinner choose from a range of sandwiches, their famous savoury tarts, flatbreads, soup; or more hearty meals like lamb kofta with tabbouleh, a rare roast beef salad or the salmon and pollock fishcake.

I had one of their specials – the pea risotto – with a side of the garlic flatbread strips (pictured above) which was a superb.

Their menu is served until 6:30pm, so it works perfectly for theatre goers. And as for their sweet treats... I defy you not to try one.

Try their white chocolate and mascarpone tart, or their homemade shortbread, or their 30 day aged sticky ginger Parkin – I could go on, but I think it's best for you to encounter the same delectable shock I had.

All in all

Being such a glorious town, I felt spoilt when stumbling across a coffee haunt as good as Mac and Jac's.

It manages to negotiate that well-worn hole between coffee shop and restaurant, which is a lifeline when you're out with friends and some want 'proper food' and others want a 'coffee and a quick bite'.

It answers to a plethora of needs and tastes, without ever losing sight of its commitment to quality, personality and its identity every step of the way.

And if you happen to get a table outside, you will be blessed with one of the best views of the hills. A view, I'm sure, even Elgar would be satisfied with.